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What kind of Nomophobe are you?
Smile, you’re Denial Dan!
You keep a smile on your face no matter how many calls you drop. While your positive attitude is appreciated, it gets a little creepy when the twitch starts.

You keep saying you don’t have a problem. We hear you, but Dan, we think you do. Bare that beautiful soul, Dan. It’s okay. No judgment here. This is a safe space.

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Relax, Anxious Annie!
Life is short, but it can feel long if you aren’t enjoying the ride. No need to avoid places where you formerly lost signal. Stop hiding and get your life back! Grab the bull by the horns!

Travel the world! Bungee-jump off the tallest building! Okay, maybe just tackle one fear at a time. Like, for example, washing your hair (seriously, is something living in there?).

There’s hope, Annie! Find out where you can buy a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster and kiss your nomophobia goodbye!

Haha, you’re Laughing Larry!
You meet challenges in life with your three-part survival plan: wit, humor, and perfect comedic timing. In fact, your impressions of people practically contorting in their efforts to restore lost signals is so funny, we almost wish there wasn’t a good solution.

But, we know you’ll come up with something even better to make us laugh. We have faith in you. You’ll stop laughing when you’re dead, am I right, Larry?

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Congrats, you are Chill Chad!
You have found the peace that comes with knowing your signal is boosted with a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster!

You no longer have to sweat your signal, and instead, can focus on the other things in life that are important to you, like Bikram Yoga. You go, Chad!

Chill out like Chad with a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster.

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Watch out, you’re Furious Fiona!
Your first reaction is always aggression and rage. Your warpath rarely slows its roll for anyone or anything. In fact, terms like “road rage” were coined because of you. But, there’s no need to hulk smash another cell phone just yet. There are options out there so you can finally let go of some of that rage, or just redirect it to something new, like those vending machines that keep eating your money. You just want a snack! How hard is it to get a snack around here? Don’t those coin-sucking machines just make you want to break something? Yeah? Do what you gotta do, Fiona.

Stop the Smash! Get a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster and save the cell phones!

Grab the tissues, you’re Emotional Eric!
You look tough on the outside, but you’re really just a gentle giant! It’s not a bad thing to be sensitive, Eric. Truth be told, those animal adoption commercials make us tear up, too. Maybe we shouldn’t bring this up, we don’t want to make things worse, but we know how upsetting it can be to drop a call or lose signal. We feel it, too. We may not feel it quite as strongly as you, but... wait, are you crying again?

Don’t cry over a lost signal. We can fix that, Eric. Just grab a Wilson Electronics Signal Booster and cheer up!