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noun: The Fear of NO MObile PHOne Signal

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Wilson Electronics is committed to ending No-Mobile-Phone-Signal or Nomophobia by knocking down obstruction barriers brough on by
  1. Lifestyle (brick, home, office)
  2. Mother Nature (weather, hills) and ...
  3. Circumstance (travel, boat, car) etc.

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Anxious Annie

Age: Too anxious to answer
Occupation: Motivational Speaker
Signs: nail biting, dead stare, muttering
Current Location: Pantry

Furious Fiona

Age: Why are you even asking?!
Occupation: Chiropractor, Gentle Hands Chiropractic
Signs: road rage, destruction, war path
Current Location: Cooling off in a jail cell

Denial Dan

Age: 40 years young
Occupation: Youth Treatment Center Counselor
Signs: Uneasy smiling, and positive mantras, saying "It's not a problem"
Current Location: La La Land

Emotional Eric

Age: 375, oh wait that's what I can bench.
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Signs: crying, sobbing, calling his mother
Current Location: Gym bathroom sobbing heavily

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I'm a Nomophobe! What can I do?

Nomophobia...what's that?

Do you become anxious when you can’t get a good cell phone signal or panic when your phone begins dropping calls?

Are signal inconsistencies so frustrating for you, you’ve often thought about taking a cell phone sabbatical?

Over half of today’s cell phone users admit to having a smartphone addiction so strong, they suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, and distress when they are unable to use their phone.

Does this sound like you?

You’re not alone! Here at we want to help you solve your signal issues, so you can shake off your nomophobia for good.

What can i do?

It’s time to take back control over your coverage!

Start by taking The Quiz to find out which nomophobe you are! Then, check out The Cure to find the simple two-step recovery process.

Our Recovering Nomophobes are ready and waiting to chat with you at any time; they are passionate about helping you reach cellular nirvana!

Click here to Get the facts with our handy Nomophobia infographic.